Photographer Spent Four Months Taking Photos of the Most Poetic Ancient Terrace in Langao County of Ankang

2017-04-19 10:12:05 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

In the golden autumn, vast terrace of Ming and Qing dynasties is charming and fascinating at the foot of Nangong Mountain, Langao County, Ankang City. Photographer Qiu Shijun made a travel photographing for four months at the foot of Nangong Mountain, and kept the great charm of the small county - Langao County in Southern Shaanxi, in his photos.

Langao County is a county in Ankang, Shaanxi Province. Langao Nangong Rice Field is honored as the Beautiful Farm of China, and the Most Beautiful City of China, etc.

Langao County was firstly constructed in Qing Dynasty, and has Nangong Mountain, Lan River Drift, and some other scenic spots.

Transportation: Take coach directly to Langao County at Xi’an Chengnan Passenger Station

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