Fengyan terrace in Hanyin County, Shaanxi Province

2019-12-26 15:57:32 , Source : Xuexi

Fengyan terrace is located in Xuanwo Town, Hanyin County, Shaanxi Province. It was built in the Qing Dynasty, with elements of "mountains, water, fields, houses, villages, temples and agriculture", covering an area of 12000 mu.

In 2010, Fengyan terrace was rated as "top ten new discoveries of the third national cultural relics census of Shaanxi Province"; in 2012, it was awarded as "Fengyan ancient terrace migration ecological museum" by Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, which is also the first open ecological museum in China; in 2014, it was named as "National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot" by the Ministry of water resources and "China beautiful countryside" by the Ministry of agriculture. Let's take a look the beautiful photos.

Fengyan terrace in the daylight.

Spring is coming.

Fengyan terrace looks like a paiting.

Fengyan terraced fields are prepared for cultivation in early spring.

Cattle farming.

The grain is golden in autumn.

Mountains, terraces and houses.

The grain is golden in autumn.

The rings of the mountains.

Fengyan rural autumn song.

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