Artificial fog transforms West Qujiangchi Road into a fairyland

2018-07-06 09:07:26 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The recently debugged artificial fog-making devices spill fog along the West Qujiangchi Road in Xi’an, creating a fairyland wreathed in mist with rockery, unique rocks, wondrous pines, flowers and plants along the street.

The slightly arched hills and bonsai pines feature a touch of mystery and charm among the artificial spray.

Drifting with the breeze, the fog swirls up and down. The dense fog resembles a sea of clouds, surging and gathering. The thin mist jibes with a piece of gauze, gentle and beautiful.

Not only can the public enjoy the fog from a distance by appreciating the gleamingly mysterious misty beauty, they can also walk into the mist, breathe into the moist and fresh air and experience the relaxing and happy feeling of being in nature.

Apart from the environmental purposes, the artificial fog can also produce a large amount of negative oxygen ions to improve air quality and nurture a pleasant ecological environment; thus are deeply loved and welcomed by the public.

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