Summer Rice Transplanting, a Picturesque View in Southern Shaanxi

2018-05-25 20:41:11 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Tongqianguan Town located among the mountains at the junction of Shaanxi and Hubei provinces in southern Shaanxi.

In April, rice seedlings gradually changed from light yellow to light green.

During the planting season, men and women work in the field singing classic rice-planting songs.

The first watering and ploughing were carried out 10 to 15 days before transplanting the rice seedlings.

Here the cattle can also plow the field, with a gentler touch compared to the buffalo.

In the middle of May, robust rice seedlings can be transplanted from the breeding fields into the paddy fields.

Transplanting rice seedlings also requires skill.

With clean water and selenium-rich black lands, Tongqianguan Town has cultivated nutritious rice with a unique taste and high quality.

Every day in spring counts and every hour in summer counts for the transplanting of rice seedlings. In Tongqianguan Town, Xunyang County in southern Shaanxi, the beautiful scenes of villagers transplanting rice seedlings and plowing could be seen everywhere.

Fresh air, clean water, selenium-rich soil and industrious villagers endow the rice of the Tongqianguan Town with its unique reputation, characteristics, quality and taste.

During the early summer months, farmers walk barefoot in the paddy fields that reflect their reflections, bow their heads and bend down to lift, bundle, separate and transplant rice seedlings. In the muddy fields, they take the seedlings with their left hands, inserted them into the muddy water with their right hands, and move backwards step by step in order to plant the rice seedlings into the fields. In the embrace of mother earth, they are depicting a green picturesque scene.

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