Autumn in Qinling Mountains

2017-11-06 13:42:32 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Xi’an embraced pleasant weather these days, which enabled citizens to enjoy the falling maple leaves and shining sunlight to their heart’s content.

Taiping National Forest Park

The park turns into a fairyland in autumn, as the fiery red leaves and the waterfalls add beauty to each other.

In the golden autumn, Taiping National Forest Park is an ideal outdoor destination for hiking. Tourists can breathe the fresh air and enjoy the fascinating maple leaves and the largest waterfalls group in the Qinling Mountains.

Location: Taiping Valley, Huxian County, Xi'an

Ticket: RMB 58 (Adult)

Self-driving route: embark on the Xi Tai First-class Road from  the intersection of West 3rd Ring Road and bound for south. It will cost you about one hour to reach the Park.

Bus Route: take bus No.921 from Fengqing Road (Shuisi Stop) and get off at Taipingkou station to transfer shuttle bus from Huyi District (formerly Huxian County) to Taiping National Forest Park; or direct tour bus line No.1 from the North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda; or the direct bus line to the National Park departing from Xi’an Chengnan Coach Station on weekends and holidays.

Niubeiliang National Forest Park

Niubeiliang National Forest Park boasts abundant resources and is blessed with inviting natural landscape. The park is home to peaks, waterfalls, creeks and forests featuring fancy, precipitous, silent and tranquil.

Location: Zhujiawan Village, Yingpan Town, Zhashui County

Ticket: RMB 100 (Adult) and RMB 130 for round trip cableway

Self-driving route: drive along the Baotou Maoming Expressway to Yingpan Town in Zhashui County and turn left at the expressway exit. There is still 4 kilometers away before you can get to the park.

Bus route: travel by bus at Chengnan Coach Station to Zhashui County and transfer local bus at the gate of Zhashui Station to the scenic area or transfer minibus from Zhashui to Yingpan Town and get off at Hongmiao River.

Shaohuashan National Forest Park

Coming to the Shaohua Mountain National Forest Park in early autumn, you will see green shadow overhead, blooming wild flowers scatters among forests. The park serves as a super natural oxygen bar for city dwellers stepping on the fallen leaves and glass plank road.

Location: the park sits at the north side of Qinling Mountains (five kilometers away from the Southeast of Huaxian County). The park is  85 kilometers away from Xi’an and 30 kilometers away from the Huashan Mountain.

Ticket: RMB 53 (Adult)

Self-driving routes: drive from Xi’an to Huaxian County along the Xi’an-Lintong Expressway. After exiting at the Huaxian County Exit, you should embark on the 310 National Rd and drive eastward for about 13 kilometers.

Bus routes: travel by bus at Chengdong Coach Station to Huaxian County and transfer local minibus at the cross of Huazhou Hotel to the scenic area; or take the bus to Huayin and Tongguan and get off at Shaohua Mountain Square, you will find the tourist service center 2 km in the south.

Laoxiancheng Nature Reserve in Zhouzhi

The tranquil and beautiful maple leaves turn red in early October as a result of the lower temperature in Zhouzhi County. The picture renders us a sense of isolation.

Location: Zhouzhi County, Xi'an

Ticket: free entry

Self-driving: drive along Ziwu Ave, or along Huanshan Rd at Fengyukou Roundabout to Mazhao, then drive along 108 National Rd to Houzhenzi Nature Reserve. Laoxiancheng is 2-hour-ride with fiery red maple leaves on both sides from Houzhenzi..

Xiangshan Scenic Area in Zhaojin, Tongchuan City

As one of the most beautiful towns in Shaanxi, Zhaojin is famous for Xiangshan Scenic Area, which is on par with the Fragrant Hills Park in Beijing in terms of picturesque autumn scenery. It is also known as an ideal site for tourists to enjoy red maple leaves and take photos.

Location: Xiangshan Scenic Area in Zhaojin, Yaozhou District of Tonghuan, Shaanxi Province

Ticket: RMB 40 (Adult)

Self-driving route: drive along Xi’an-Tongchuan Expressway and exit at Xinxiang Exit; then drive along Xi’an-Tongchuan First-class Road, exit at Yaozhou Exit and follow the road signs through Liulin Town and Jiulipo, then turn left to Xuejia Village, Zhaojin.

Attractions: Great Xiangshan Temple, Xuejia Village, Zhaojin Revolutionary Memorial Hall and Zhaojin Pasture

Zibaishan National Forest Park in Fengxian County

In every autumn, the mountains and plains in Fengxian County are dotted with red maple leaves that stretch hundreds miles away. Standing on the lookout points set in Zibai Mountain, Lingguan Gorge and Jiudian Range, you can see all the beautiful scenery clearly.

Location: No. 105, South Ring Rd, Chengguan Town, Liuba County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province

Ticket: RMB 28 (Adult)

Self-driving route: drive from Xi’an to Baoji along Xi’an-Baoji Expressway and then drive along No.212 Provincial Highway to Fengxian County.

The autumn scenery in Huangbai Tableland has been regarded as the best by hikers, where you will find yourself in a fairyland while driving along the roads.

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