U.S. Journalists' Visit to Shaanxi Provincial Government

2017-09-08 17:56:22 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

U.S. Journalists walking into Shaanxi Provincial Government

Upon invitation of the "Better Hong Kong Foundation", journalists from a number of American media such as CNN, came to Shaanxi for a visit from Sep. 6th to 9th. On the morning of Sept 7th, a delegation of 12 journalists "walk into Shaanxi Provincial Government" for visit and seminar.

Journalists present at a seminar in the Department of Commerce, Shaanxi Province

Following visit to the front building of the provincial government, the rainwater collecting and recycling pool, the Xi'an Incident Headquarters and the Yellow Building (former sites of the Xi'an Incident), journalists went into the Department of Commerce for a seminar.

At the seminar, Wang Tiegang, deputy director of the Government Transparency Office, extended his welcome and appreciation. Zhu Gang, director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, introduced the geographical location, culture and other general conditions of Shaanxi to the visiting journalists.

Later on, Wang Hongxue, director of the Integrated Information Office of the Department of Commerce, introduced the economic situation in Shaanxi, especially the construction of the Free Trade Zone. He mentioned that 4,488 new enterprises were registered within Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone; among them there are 43 foreign-owned businesses, with still more coming in. He expressed his hope that more foreign enterprises could see the free and open business environment in Shaanxi and settle their businesses here.

After those introductions, journalists exchanged their ideas on Shaanxi economy, energy and employment situations as well as the influence of Sino-US trade on Shaanxi development.

Journalists at the site of the Xi'an Incident 

Journalists at the Exhibition Hall of Shaanxi Provincial Government's History 

Journalists listening to introduction to Shaanxi geographical culture at the hall

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