Route 1 in Shaanxi: Drive along the Yellow River

2017-08-22 10:50:44 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Driving along route 1 northwards, you will encounter with the vast dessert, the gentle wetlands, and other western scenery.You think I am talking about the California State Route 1? Nope, I am talking about the Route 1 in Shaanxi along the yellow river. This is a beautiful route both for roadtrip and bike riding.

Shaanxi Yellow River Tour Road which is about to be officially opened to traffic is a north-south highway corridor built along the west bank of the Yellow River in Shaanxi Province, stretching from Fugu County, Yulin City in the north, to the foot of Huashan Mountain in Weinan in the south, with a full length of 828.5 kilometers. Going through Hancheng, Weinan, Yan’an, Yulin, it series more than 50 scenery spots along its way, such as Huashan Mountain, Hukou Waterfall, Hechuan Wetland and the Yellow River Meander Geopark (see below), forming a colorful, magnificent ecological corridor which provides good traffic conditions for formation and development of the local Yellow River tourism belt.

This Route 1 in Shaanxi is about to complete this autumn, among all the 50 scenery spots, the following spots are the ones you should not miss.

On August 8, a tourist was looking far into the distance on the observation deck in Fuyou Ancient Village, Dali County, Weinan. The distant Weinan Section of Yellow River Tour Road was going through the scenic area.

On August 8, the Weihe River Grand Bridge of Yanghuang Tour Road was leading to the distance.

On August 9, the Yan’an Section of Yellow River Tour Road was crossing Fusi Bend of the Yellow River.

On August 9, the Yan’an Section of Yellow River Tour Road was crossing a mountain apple grove.

Scenery Spots

Huashan Mountain

Huashan Mountain is located in Huayin city, 120km east of Xi’an. It is famous for having the steepest mountain range in China and has four main peaks with different features. The west peak is famous for steep cliffs, the east peak for the sunrise, the south peak for the wondrous pines and the north for its mist.


180rmb during the busy season (from March to Nov.), 100rmb in the slower season (from Dec. to Feb.).

Ps: The ticket is valid for two days and valid for one to visit Xiyue temple down the mountain and Xianyu valley.

Ticket of cable car:

East line:

80rmb/adult for single way; 150rmb/adult for the round way.

West line:

140rmb in busy season; 120rmb in slack season. (Single way)


West gate: 24hs

East gate: 07:00~19:00 in busy season; 09:00~17:00 in slack season.

Qian Kun Wan

Qiankunwan locates in Qiankunwan town, Yanchuan county, Yan’an city. It is the most typical bend in the Yellow River National Geographic Park and looks like a natural Diagram of The Universe (Tai ji tu). It is awarded as one of the ten most beautiful canyons in China.


90rmb/adult (good for 3 days)

90rmb/adult for the cable car



Wubu Old Town

Wubu Old Town used to be called Wubu Stone Town, locates in Wubu county, Yulin city. It is the most well-preserved town in northwest China, which has a history of more than one thousand years.




All day

Hukou Waterfall

The famous Hukou Waterfall is the biggest water fall on the yellow river. A natural waterfall of the Yellow River formed at the canyon between Shaanxi and Shanxi. The waterfall is 30m in width, 50m in depth and covers about 30,000 square meters.





Jinlong Bend

The roaring Yellow river turns 90 degree sharply at Jinlong Bend. The current is swift as the wagging tail of a Chinese dragon, hence the name of it. The Danxia landform on the sides of Jinglong Bend resembles colorful sunset clouds. The landscape is even more magnificent especially when the rain stops and the sky clears, at sunrise and sunset.

Fuzhou Ancient City

Located to the east of Fugu Town of Fugu County, the Fuzhou Ancient City was a famous ancient military fortress in northern Shaanxi and a fierce battlefield in the Song, Liao, Western Xia and Jin Dynasties in Chinese History.  There are four big gates and two small gates in the city wall, with enclosures for defense outside the big south gate and the small west gate. Inside the city there stand Confucian Temple, Town God’s Temple, Wenchang Pavilion, Ronghe Academy, Thousand Buddha Cave and Xuankong Temple.

Gaohanling Mountain

As the highest mountain in Fugu County, Gaohanling Mountain is visible from afar. There are dozens of ancient trees with age exceeding 600 years and tens of thousands of rare junipers under special protection on a land of 5000 mu.

Gaojiapu Ancient City

Located on the east bank of Tuiwei River and 50 km to the southwest of Shenmu County, the Ancient City is about 5 km away from the Ming Great Wall in the northwest. Lying at the foot of mountains and beside rivers, Gaojiapu Ancient City is the most complete ancient city with old streets and city gate towers in northern Shaanxi.

Sima Qian Temple

Apart from a large number of poems and inscriptions left behind by scholars and men of letters in memory of Sima Qian through the centuries, the temple boasts a perfect location to appreciate Shi Ji, an unprecedented masterpiece by him.

Groups of Ancient Buildings in Dangjia Village

A great variety of architectural styles including pagodas, temples, ancient private schools, gatekeeping towers, underground passages, sentry post towers, ancient pools and wells dotted around the lanes of the tranquil village are waiting for you to explore.

Shayuan Scenic Spot

In ancient China, it was an ideal place to graze horses. Nowadays, the vast desert and the clear lake water add radiance and beauty to each other. 

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