Flowery Shaanxi 2017

2017-03-24 09:43:16 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

March is the prime period in Shaanxi.

In March, fine days sweep away the winter haze and gloom of Xi’an, and it is also the prime period for flowers. From south to north of Shaanxi, from Weinan to Baoji, the most beautiful flowers are blooming in hundreds and thousands of fields; you may say it likes an ocean of bloom, but it is simply the “debris flow” of flowers!

So, I was in panic and happy when looking for flowers and discovered that the spring in Shaanxi almost has been covered by flowers!

The following pictures are all large-scale flowers that you can see in spring in Shaanxi, rape flower, oriental cherry, pear blossom, crabapple blossom, lavender, peony, … So many! I’ve ignored small-area flowers because there are so many beautiful flowers. That is my luxury way!

This Shaanxi flowers map is exclusively and earnestly made by pure-hand! If you cannot see it clearly, I’ve also prepared you with detailed maps, places and routes. Keep reading the following contents!

[Oriental cherry]

Places recommended:

No.1: Gaoxin 2nd Road

Routes: Gaoxin 2nd Road; take BUS the 2nd Ring Loop Line, 107, 216, 40, etc. and get off at Gaoxin 2nd Road Station.

Highlight: The cherry flies from trees and they are so beautiful no matter you are walking or sitting on the bus as a passerby.

No. 2: Qinglong Temple

Route: 350m away from the crossroad of Xiying Road and Yanxiang Road in the north; take No. 19, 25, 45, 400, etc. and get off at Qinglong Temple Station.

Highlight: In 1986, Japan Buddhist Society donated Qintglong Temple over a thousand oriental cherry trees, which includes 12 rare varieties. There are: Bi’an Cherry, Bazhichui Cherry, Prunus x yedoensis in early stage, Yiye and Lady Yang in the mid-stage, and Puxianxiang in the late stage. So, don’t worry that you may miss the flower season.

No. 3: Xi’an Jiaotong University

Route: 28 West Xianning Road, Xi’an City; take BUS 45, 313, 700, etc. and get off at Xi’an Jiaotong University Station

Highlight: In the charming and gentle spring, the romantic cherry blossom is the most beautiful scenery in Xi’an Jiaotong University; the campus holds Cherry Blossoms Festival every year, which gathersnumerous cosers and develops into a special view.

No. 3: Xi’an Great Wild Goose Pagoda

Route: East side of Big Wild Goose Pagoda; take Metro Line 3, BUS 19 and 21, Around-Mountain Travel Line Bus, Travel Line Bus 6, 8 and 9 and get off at Dayanta North Square Station.

Highlight: The oriental cherry here has a late flower season; when the blooming season arrives, the ground and pool are covered with thick cherry petals on the east side of Big Wild Goose Pagoda and it feels like it had a pink heavy snow!

No. 4: Xi’an Siyuan University

Route: 28 Shui’an Road, Baqiao District; take BUS 28, 240, 241 and 910 and get off at Siyuan University Station.

Highlight: Xi’an Siyuan University is named as the “Green Campus” by Shaanxi Provincial Government, and shares the fame of “Garden Campus”. So you can see its beauty is not merely lip service.

[Rape flowers]

Places recommended:

No. 1: Yangxian County, Nanzheng County, Xixiang County and Ningqiang County of Hanzhong City

Route: Take regular bus leaving for Hanzhong and counties of Hanzhong City at Xi’an Chengnan Bus Passenger Terminal. For self-driving, Xi’an-Hanzhong Expressway is the most convenient way, going by Yang County, Chenggu County, Xixiang County, Nanzheng County, etc. throughout the journey. From late March to early April, rape flower blooms on all mountains and plains in Hanzhong and can be seen throughout the journey.

Highlight: Hanzhong has large areas of rape flowers; this year, the main venue of Hanzhong Rape Flower Festival is arranged in Yang County, which will arrange “Rape Flowers Tour” riding activity, food festival, the 1stSouthern Shaanxi Water Bicycle Race, dragon-boat race, beach soccer game, “Handiao Guangguang”, “Xuantai Festive Activity”, and other local Highlight “intangible cultural heritage” folk shows at that time. To watch flowers, the main venue of Yang County has newly built four flower-watching spots, namely, Long Hill Flower-watching Spot, Tang River Landscape Flower-watching Spot, Home Flowers Valley Flower-watching Spot, and Yao Village Rape Flowers Ladder.

No. 2: Fengyan Ancient Terrace, Hanyin County, Ankang City

Route: Xi’an – 220km on Xi’an-Ankang Expressway – Ankang – 61km on Shiyan-Tianshui Expressway – Hanyin County – 41.6km in Hanxuan Town –Fengyan Ancient Terrace, Xuanwo Town

Highlight: The rape flower terrace here is of good layered, stereoscopic and visual effects.

No. 3: Yangzhuang Township, Chang’an District

Route: Take BUS 917; self-driving: drive to Yanyin Road, go southward to the intersection of Yanyin Road and Provincial Highway 107, drive eastward 20km along the Provincial Highway 107, and then arrive at the place.

Highlight: Yangzhuang Township leans Qinling Mountains in the south, so you can watch rape flowers and make a sightseeing tour as well. Inside its township territory, Taixing Mountain and Rentou Mountain are two most famous landscapes; besides, its water sceneries are very pleasant such as Kuyu River, Chepao River, etc.

No. 4: Baoqi Village, Lantian County

Route: Take BUS 920 and arrive at Jiaodai Town, go southward 2km and then arrive at Baoqi Village. Self-driving: Drive to Maming Road from Xi’an, transfer x316 and y331, and transfer y353 in Weijia Town, and then arrive at Baoqi Village.

Highlight: Baoqi Village is situated in the valley 2km away from Jiaodai Town in the south, and is known as “the Provence at the foot of the Qinling Mountains”. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, it is a good place for shutterbugs. It is close to Tangyu Hot Spring Resort in the west and connects Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot in the south.

No. 5: Yushan Town, Lantian County

Route: Drive to the new Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway, keep going 10km after passing Lantian County Exit, and then arrive at Yushan Town Exit.

Highlight: Yushan Town is surrounded by beautiful mountains in the north and southeast; Ba River and its branches Dongyu River and Qingyu River run through the town. Rape flowers are mainly distributed in Mujiacun Village, Liujiacun Village, Shanwangcun Village and Yangzhai Village, etc. In late March, rape flowers in Yushan Town, Lantian County successively enter into full-blossom period; looking from distance, it seems like a golden sea, so beautiful.

No. 6: Huxian Ring Road

Route: Drive toXitai Road, go southward to Zhengtai Road at Song Village Turntable, and then arrive at Taipingyu Entrance.

Highlight: The area is not large, but it is close to Taipingyu Entrance and the scenery along the line is pleasant. Besides watching rape flowers, you can wander in Jiangjunshan Ancient Town, climb mountains, and visit Taipingyu Forest Park, etc.


Place recommended:

No. 1: Yangzhuang Lavender Manor, Chang’an District

Route: Yangzhuang Township, Chang’an District (close to Yin Town); take BUS 917 and get off at Yangzhuang Station; ordrive to Ziwudadao Huanshan Road, goeastward 15km and then arrive at the place.

Admission ticket: RMB 40

Highlight: The lavender manor with an area of around 70,000 m2 is built in the deep Qinling Mountains, with beautiful sceneries along the road and surrounded by mountains and rivers.

No. 2: Lavender Field of Fengdong Agri-Expo Garden

Route: 500m from the crossroad of Yudou Road and Weidou Road in the west, on the south of the road; take BUS 405 and 302 and get off at Doumen Station, then take No. 4-06 and get off at Bianminzhan Station.

Admission ticket: RMB 100 (peak season)

Highlight: Over 40 mu French blue lavenders planted inside paves a dreamlike bluish violet flower sea, and clusters of bluish violet flowers emit the full-bodied flowery flavor.

No. 3: PuzhenVerona Lavender Manor, Hanzhong City

Route: Shuangmiao Village, Puzhen Town, Hantai District, Hanzhong City; take BUS 6,22, 105, 801, etc. and go eastward 800m when arriving at the village road.

Admission ticket: RMB 50

Highlight: 9.5km away from Hanzhong City and 266km away from Xi’an urban area, surrounded by countryside and sound natural environment; it mainly works on lavender planting and further processing.

No. 4: Lavender Manor of Shenhe Xianggu Wetland Park, Tongchuan City

Route: Inside Shenhe Wetland Park of New Expressway Intersection of Tongchuan New District; drive to Tongchuan New District Expressway Exit, turn right after departing the expressway toll gate, drive by following guideboards, and then arrive at the place.

Highlight: Rivers& fields of over 200 mu are filled with violet flowers; it is a violet sea with the soul-striking beauty.

No. 5: Qiankun Bay Love Island of Tongzhou Lake Ecological New District, Dali County

Route: West side of Relaxation & Landscape Road, Tongzhou Lake, Dali County

Highlight: Qiankun Bay occupies a total area of 460 mu and naturally forms the landform advantage by Luohe River. More than 300,000 “Provence” lavenders emit the full-bodied flowery flavor.

[Peach blossom]

Places recommended:

No. 1: Fanchuan “Taoxibao”, Chang’an District

Prime period: From late March to mid-April

Route: Taoxibao, east bank of Fanchuan Jue River; take BUS 917 and 923 to the south of Niujiawan Village

Highlight: This is the place where the story of “Face like a peach blossom” by Cui Hu, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, occurs; admire the beauty of flowers and think of ancient times, such a special feeling.

No. 2: Liquan Ten Thousand-mu Peach Orchard, Xianyang City

Prime period: From mid-March to late April

Route: Shide Town, Liquan County; take the coach leaving for Li County to Xingli Road Station, get off at the crossroad of Chengjiacun Village, and go westward to Yu Village.

Highlight: Shide Town, Liquan County is one of the biggest peach towns in China. The time the Liquan Ten Thousand mu Peach Orchard blooms, the activity of the annual Liquan Peach Festival falls.

No. 3: Yanliang Jingshanyuan

Prime period: From late March to mid-April

Route: Take the nonstop bus from Sanfu Bay Station to Yanliang, and then take BUS 902 to the terminus from Qianxi Square.

Highlight: Large areas of peach orchard on Yanliang Jingshanyuan; there are nearly 200 mu flowers bloom inside the orchard, shining and brilliant, attracting numerous tourists.

No. 4: Danfeng Peach Valley Scenic Spot

Prime period: From late March to late April

Route: Zhulinguan Town, Danfeng County; drive along Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway G40, depart the expressway at Zhulinguan Exit, and then arrive at the scenic spot.

Highlight: Taohua Village is named by a peach blossom fairy; there is a peach blossom temple in the village to worship “the Goddess of Peach Blossom”.

No. 5: Baihe Ten Thousand mu Peach Blossoms, Ankang City

Prime period: From late March to late April

Route: Chengguan Town, Baihe County has National Highway 316 running through its territory, and it is merely 14km away from Shiyan-Tianshui Expressway Baihe Exit.

Highlight: “The hometown of Goddess of Han River”; there are ten thousand mu peach blossoms blooming here, dazzling and fascinating.


Places recommended:

No. 1: Xi’an Peony Garden

Address: The intersection of Kunming Road and Tangyan Road

Route: Take BUS 2, 201, 212, 216, 217, 261, 262, 331, 15, 106, 207, 324, 703, 720, 800, and 2nd Ring Line 1 and 2.

Highlight: Xi’an Peony Garden is a theme park to carry forward Tang architectural style and peony culture. The garden is divided into five major parks from north to south, they are flourishing Peony Park, Six Immortals Drunk in Spring Park, Peony Platform Park, Peony Blooming Park, and Flowery Flavor Pavilion Park. There are more than 30 kinds of peony in the garden.

No. 2: Xi’an Daming Palace National Heritage Park

Route: Take BUS 2, 262, 528, 717, 723 and 708, and get off at Daming Palace Danfeng Gate Station.

Admission ticket: RMB 60

Highlight: There are ten thousand peony plants in the park; the park holds various cultural shows during the peony flower season, including Tang make-up colored drawing model presentation, Tang suit faery instrument music performance, etc., citizens and tourists can enjoy for free. Also, there are many cultural landscapes inside.

No. 3: Agu Spring Peony Park, Huxian County

Route: Take BUS 929 and Around-Mountain Travel Line Bus 1 and then arrive at the park; or drive along Xi’an-Huxian Expressway, depart the expressway at Zhoubei and go westward to Renmin Road, turn south to Yuxia and turn south, and then arrive at the park.

Admission ticket: RMB 30

Highlight: More than 400 species of peonies and Chinese herbaceous peonies bloom here. There also has a spring that never dries up for 3,000 years, and it is called Agu Spring.

No. 4: Peony Park of Tongchuan New District

Route: Go northward from Xi’an to Baotou-Maoming Expressway, depart the expressway at Tongchuan New District Interchange, transfer to Changhong South Road, and then arrive at the park.

Highlight: It is a large peony breeding and viewing base in Shaanxi. The park will hold Peony Tourism Festival for a month when the peonies bloom; during which, there are series of cultural, relaxation and recreational activities such as enjoy peonies, taste snacks, watch Shaanxi Opera, etc.

[Pear blossom]

Places recommended:

No. 1: Pucheng County: Han Village ofChunlin Town, and Xiaodong Village of Dangmu Town

Prime period: April

Route: Xi’an→ Belt Expressway → Baqiao/Yanliang/Gaoling → Xi’an-Yumen Expressway → Provincial Highway 201 → Hongqi Street → Pucheng County

Highlight: 250,000 mu pear blossoms; lily pear blossoms are hanging on pear trees forming a flower sea, and the faint scent blows to your face together with the breeze.

No. 2: Zhuhuan Pear Orchard Scenic Spot, Yang County, Hanzhong City

Flower season: From late March to mid-April

Route: Take expressway coach atXi’an Chengnan Bus Passenger Terminal – County (Zhenfo Road Northwest) – Zhuhuan Pear Orchard

Admission ticket: RMB 40

Highlight: Ten thousand mu pear blossoms;500,000 pear blossoms bloom inside the orchard, like the snow and clouds on the hill, layer upon layer, furl upon furl.

No. 3: Shuilian Township, Binxian County

Flower season: From late March to early April


Special rail line: Xi’an Railway Station opens passenger train from Xi’an to Binxian County.

Self-driving: Drive to Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway from Xi’an, depart the expressway at Binxian County Exit, and go north about 6km along National Highway G312.

Highlight: You can see large areas of white peach blossoms, yellow rape flowers and pink apple blossoms by passenger special train throughout the journey.


Places recommended:

No. 1: Xingqing Palace Park

Route: Take BUS 7, 402, 8, 27, 104, etc., and get off at Xingqing Park Station.

Highlight: There are 23 tulips and nearly 300,000 tulip plants; the tulip park covers an area of more than 7,000 m2.

No. 2: Fengdong Agri-Expo Garden

Flower season: From late March to early May

Route: Take BUS 405, 302 and 4-06.

Admission ticket: RMB 50

Highlight: 150,000 tulip plants, 30 tulip species constitute the tulip field with an area of nearly 40mu; its most important feature is open horizon, abundant flower species and rural beauty.

[Magnolia flower]

Places Recommended:

No. 1: Nanwutai Amida Temple

Flower season: From mid-March to late March

Route: Xi’an Bell Tower Station (BUS 600) or Nanmen Station (BUS 215) - South Bus Station in Chang’an District of Xi’an (Take shuttle bus 404 to Mount Wutai) – Mount Nanwutai Scenic Spot

Admission ticket: RMB 50

Highlight: There are two magnolia trees in the scenic spot, one red and one white. They have a history of about ten thousand years, and bloom in March and April.

No. 2: Heihe National Forest Park

Flower season: From late February to early April

Route: Xi’an – Zhouzhi – Gongyuan Shuiyuan Mountain Villa?

Xi’an – Xi’an – Mazhao Town of Zhouzhi County - Gongyuan Shuiyuan Mountain Villa, then take shuttle bus to the Heihe National Forest Park

Admission ticket: RMB 55

Highlight: The tree is in blossom of red, white, and purple flowers. That is real rare. It is the biggest magnolia tree founded in China up to now.

[Chinese redbud]

Places Recommended:

Taiping Forest Park

Route: Around-Mountain BUS 1; Self-driving: drive from Xitai Road, then drive south forward to the Zhengtai Road at Song Village Turntable, enter Taipingyu, and drive along the Mountain Road to the place.

Admission ticket: RMB 65

Highlight: Chinese redbuds naturally distributed cover a land area of over ten thousand mu, and contend in beauty and fascination in mid-April. It seems like a sea of flowers. So people say that all redbuds are from Taiping.

[Cherry Blossom]

Places Recommended:

No. 1: Ten Thousand mu Cherry Valley of Xixiang County, Hanzhong City

Prime period: From late February to mid-March

Route: Xi’an – Xi’an-Hanzhong Expressway – Chenggu – Xixiang County, about four to five hours’ drive.

Highlight: Xixiang County in Shaanxi Province is the biggest cherry producing area in northwest area. In the season of cherry blossom, you can enjoy a sea of cherry flowers.

No. 2: Cherry Forest of Dafujincun Village, Chang’an District

Prime period: From late February to mid-March

Route: Take BUS 918 or 920 to Dongwucun Station or Dafujin Station; Self-driving: to Qin Emperor Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty or Dafujincun Village, Chang’an District.

Highlight: There is a cherry forest covering a land area of 280 mu. The best sightseeing location is in the cherry forest and beside the Qin Emperor’s Tomb Site of Ming Dynasty. The tomb is protected cultural relics, so we hope you can be careful in sightseeing.

No. 3: Ten Thousand mu Cherry Garden in White Deer Plain Cherry Blossom Valley

Prime period: March

Route: Jinxing Village inWhite Deer Plain, Baqiao District, take BUS 240 or 910 to Dizhai Station

Highlight: Cherry picking is the main character of White Deer Plain Cherry Valley. No specific flower sightseeing area is set up; you can enjoy the cherry blossom while strolling thereby.

[Apricot blossom]

Places Recommended:

No. 1: Apricot Blossom Valley in Huaxu Town of Lantian County

Route: Drive on G312 at Baozi Village Turntable in eastern suburb to Diaozhai of Huaxu Town, Lantian County, and drive on the cement road to the plain at entrance of Diaozhai, and then, a few minutes later, arrive at Shangxu Village.

Highlight: Shangxu Village in HuaxuTown has planted apricot trees all over the mountains and plains. When spring comes, the valley is full of apricot blossoms and flowery flavor.

No. 2: Taiping Town, Jingyang County

Route: Xi’an – Houweizhai Interchange - Century Road – Fusu Road- Dongfeng Road – East Biyuan Road – Yingbin Road – s208 – x331, and then arrive at Taiping Town. Or Fuzhou–Yinchuan Expressway - Yinchuan–Baise Expressway – Xi’an – Xianyang Northern Link, to the east.

Highlight: Taiping Village is located in southwest of Jingyang County. It is called “the home of jujube and apricot”, and is the biggest apricot and jujube producing base in Shaanxi. It reaches the plain beside Weibei national road in the south, closes to Jing River in the north, near the mountain and by the river, and has attracting scenery.

No. 3: Qibao Village, Tongchuan New District

Route: Go north from Xi’an and drive on Yan’an-Xi’an Expressway, and drive off from on Tongchuan Interchange and drive on Xunyao Road, and then arrive at the place.

Highlight: This apricot forest was planted in the 1960’s, with a history of half a century.

[Crabapple blossom]

Places Recommended:

No. 1: Dongtun Village, Yuxia Town, Huxian County

Route: Drive to the south from Huxian Zhoubei Cross – cross of South-North No. 7 Road and East- West No. 7 Road – 2 km towards the west –Dongtun Village West (Kafry Crabapple Blossom Park)

Renmin Road, Huxian County – Yuxian Turntable – 1km towards the east –Dongtun Village West (Kafry Crabapple Blossom Park)

Highlight: One thousands mu of crabapple blossom bloom from early April, in wind, the petals drift down like rain, so poetic.

No. 2: Baoji Botanical Garden

Route:Take BUS 37, 40, 46, and 48 of Baoji City

Highlight: Crabapple blossom is the city flower of Baoji, Baoji Botanic Garden has varieties of Crabapple blossom; they are beautiful but tacky.

[Galsang flower]

Places Recommended:

No. 1: Deng Village, Beidu Town, Xianyang City

Flower season: Spring, summer, and autumn

Route: Take BUS us 630 in Xi’an to Xianyang, change a bus to the railway station, take BUS 10 to Deng Village, several hundred meters away from the station in the east is Deng Village.

Highlight: A thousands mu of galsang flowers are extremely spectacular.

No. 2: Jinshu Bay, Liuba County, Hanzhong City

Flower season: Spring, summer, and autumn

Jinshui Bay, Liuba County, Hanzhong City

Self-driving: Xi’an-Hanzhong Expressway - Hanzhong - Zibai Mountain of Liuba County

Xi’an Railway Station – Hanzhong – get off at the junction of three roads at Jiangmei Road, Liuba County, Wuguan Post, and arrive at the place after five minutes’ walk.

Admission ticket: RMB 40

Highlight: Galsang flowers and zinnia here cover an area of 120 mu, looks like a sea of flower, making the quiet, tidy, small city extremely enchanting.

No. 3: Qiang Culture Expo Park of Hanyuan Town, Ningqiang County

Flower season: Spring, summer, and autumn

Route: Take bus from Xi’an Chengnan Bus Passenger Terminal to Ningqiang County

Highlight: A hundred mu galsang flowers. Over a hundred mu galsang flowers near the Qiang Culture Expo Park is one of charming sceneries in summer.

No. 4: Bank of Weihe River, west of Weinan-Pucheng Bridge

Flower season: Spring, summer, and autumn

Route: Take the Xi’an- Weinan coach to Weinan Passenger Transportation Center, and then take BUS 13 to Weihe Bridge Station.

Highlight: Seven-kilometer-long riverway, thousands of mu galsang flowers along the river like an extending colored ribbon.

No. 5: Hedong Village, Yushan Town, Lantian County

Flower season: Spring, summer, and autumn

Route: Xi’an Bus Station – Lantian Bus Station – Xu Temple

Highlight: Galsang flowers here cover an area of 50 mu, and mainly are red and white; they are blooming on the Yushan Mountain, so magnificent.


Places Recommended:

No. 1: Cigou Scenic Spot Azalea of Muwang National Forest Park, Shangluo City

Prime period: From April to June

Route: Yangsi Town, Zhen’an County, Shangluo City; Take bus or taxi at Zhen’an County to the scenic spot

Admission ticket: RMB 80 (from April to November), RMB 60 (from December to March)

Highlight: 5km of azalea and deep stone gorge, the scenic spot mainly is consisted of Yangsi Temple, Yingpan Maze, Fragrance &Radiant Splendor, Clear River Washes the Jade, Snow in Longling, Kuanping Sea of Clouds, Sunset of Wenshan, Moonlight in Pine Road, etc.

No. 2: Niubeiliang National Forest Park

Prime period: From mid-April to mid-May

Route: Laoling in Yingpan Town, Zhashui County, Shangluo City; Take coach atChengnan Bus Passenger Terminal to Zhashuo County, and take a bus to Niubeiliang; Self-driving: Drive on the Baotou-Maoming Expressway to Yingpan Town in Zhashui County, drive five kilometers to the north along Provincial Highway 102.

Admission ticket: RMB 110/person

Highlight: Niubeiliang National Forest Park has Abies chensiensis, azalea forest, alpine meadow, remnants of glaciation, obvious phytocenosis distribution belts, and rich rare animal and plant resources.

No. 3: Azalea on the top of Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Prime period: From mid-May to late June

Route: Tai’an Road, Tangyu Town, Meixian County, Baoji City; take special travel line bus to Taibai Mountain at Xi’an Railway Station Square; Self-driving: Xi’an-Baoji Expressway, Drive on Jiangtang special line at South Lanjia Exit to Taibai Mountain.

Entrance: RMB 100/person

Highlight: From elevation above 3000m and below 3500m of Taibai Mountain, from Xiaban Temple at the top of the ropeway to Tianchi and Jade Emperor Pagoda, Erye Sea, there are vast alpine azaleas.

No. 4: Azalea Forest in Tongtianhe National Forest Park, Fengxian County

Prime period: From late April to mid May

Route: Tangzang Town, Fengxian County, Baoji City; Start from Baoji to Honghuapu Town, take special travelline to the scenic spot (about 36 kilometers); Start from Baoji to Fengxian County, to Tangzang Town, and then to the scenic spot.

Admission ticket: RMB 78/person

Highlight: It is said that Tang Monk and his apprentices passed Tangzang Town in their journey; temples in the area wriggle towards the west to Qinling Mountain Bridge, embodying to western paradise.

No. 5: Wangshunshan National Forest Park (Lantian County)

Prime period: From late April to mid-May

Route: Lanqiao Town, Lantian County; Take shuttle bus at Shangde Gate or Tangdu Bus Station on Jinhua Road, get off at Lantian Town, take bus to the scenic spot; Self-driving: drive along the Xi’an-Lantian Expressway/Huanshan Road to G312 to the scenic spot.

Highlight: Wangshunshan National Forest Park has the biggest rhododendron purdomii in Qinling Mountains – “millennial king of azalea”. The tree is about 175cm in circumference, which is really rare and unique.

No. 6: Zhuque National Forest Park

Route: Around-Mountain Tourism Bus, Line 1; Self-driving: Xi’an-Hanzhong Expressway – Hulai Road.

Admission ticket: RMB 50

Highlight: The Park is situated in the grand forest, and has wide ditches, thick forest, miraculous landscape, and pleasant scenery.

No. 7: Cuihua Mountain National Geopark

Route: 30 kilometers away from austral region of Xi'an city; take special travel line bus 905 to Cuihua Mountain.

Ticket: RMB 70/person

Highlight: To the main peak of Zhongnan Mountain, you can enjoy vast azalea and meadow; watch the stretches of sea of clouds and peculiar pine tree.

[Red lily]

Flower season: From June to September

Places Recommended:

Gaobai Mountain Ecological Culture Park of Zichang County

Prime period: From June to September

Route: Drive to northwest from Zichang County to Shijiawan Village of Lijiacha Town

Highlight: Red lily is the city flower of Yan’an. The flower is in bright red, and has tenacious vitality. People in Shaanxi call it “Love Flower”.

[Peach blossoms]

Recommended spots:

Wangmang Township, Chang’an District

Prime period: April

Features: “2017 China-Chang’an International Flower Tours and the 8th Wangmang Peach Blossoms Festival” will be held from March 31 to April 6. During the festival, it’s so pleasant to get immerged into the sea of peach blossoms, watching tens of thousands of colorful butterflies fluttering and hot air balloons rising. Wonderful songs and dances, Qinqiang Opera, Huayin Laoqiang (Huayin Old Aria) and varied folklore performance will be put on and theme activities such as “Life after Life, Blooms over Blooms”, Chinese Cheongsam Show and Hanfu (traditional Chinese garment) Show will be organized.

Route: Input “Qingshuitou Village, Wangmang” into navigation for self-driving tours; for public transportation, take bus 4-19, 923 or Huanshan Rd Line 2 to “Yuanyichang” Stop and go 200 m further.


Recommended spots:

Fengdong Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Park

Prime period: March 25-April 25

Profile: The tulip festival at Fengdong Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Park starts from March 25 and lasts for a month, during which 150 thousand tulips of 39 species will be in full blossom. The outdoor large areas of tulips are dotted with theme settings such as Dutch style windmill, giraffe, Snow White and seven dwarfs, Dutch wooden shoes and cute small white horse, bringing authentic exotic scenery from Netherlands to citizens of Xi’an right before your eyes. The indoor Agricultural Technology Hall, Blossom Garden Hall, Tropical Plant Hall and other Intelligent Greenhouse Exhibition Halls fully reveal the charm of modern agriculture.

Address: 500 m to the west of crossroad of Yudou Rd and Weidou Rd, Doumen, Fengdong New City, Xixian New Area.

Route: Fengdong Bus Line 1 (self-driving is recommended)

Ticket: RMB 60 yuan, free for children under 1.2 m and senior citizen with Senior Citizen Certificate

Phone: 68715959

Jinghe New City Intelligent Agricultural Park

Profile: March 24 witnessed the opening of Jinghe New City 2nd Flower Fair and Tulip Flower Show at Jinghe New City Intelligent Agricultural Park. This flower show lasts for 42 days with tulip as prime species, including 70 species such as Red Impression, Sweet Dream, World’s Favorite and Rosario. In addition, hundreds of flowers are on show including California poppy, Common poppy, Marguerite de Valois and French marigold.

Five exhibition areas:

China area-the Chinese style courtyard together with flower arrangements bring the unique oriental charm into full play

Netherlands area-windmill, wooden shoes, kissing dolls and tulips formed a picturesque scenery

Kazakhstan area-colorful tulips growing in terraced fields reveal authentic pastoral scenery

Russia area-the tulips all over the area and Russian dolls represent exotic foreign culture

Italy area-the Rome Arena and Venice flower boat are a perfect match for the South Gate entrance, making the Flower Fair an integral whole.

Address: Jinghe Intelligent Agricultural Park, West Section (to the west of Fucha), Gaojing Avenue, Jinghe New City

Self-driving tours: Xi’an downtown-North Street-Beiguan Main Street-Weiyang Rd-Baomao Expressway-Keep right at Caotan Weihe River Bridge toward Jingyang/G65W/Sanyuan/Tongchuan-2.0 km along Jingyang Interchange-turn left at Jingyang Interchange into ramp-destination.

Phone: 029-36201818


Places recommended:

Prime period: Late March - mid-April

Fuping County, Hanzhong

Features: Cornus flowers are everywhere in the yard, around the houses, along the canal and at the foot of slope

Ticket: free

Route: drive along Xihan Expressway to Fuping; or take the coach to Fuping from Shuisi, Xi’an.

[Sophora flower]

Placed recommended:

Hongqing Mountain

Prime period: Mid to late April

Route: drive from Puzi Village, eastern suburb of Xi’an and into the mountain through the road in front of Second Artillery Command College after arriving Hongqing, and follow the road leading to Huangchaopu Forest Park. The mountain road is filled with satisfying floral fragrance. The ticket for Huangchaopu Forest Park is 15 yuan. The “happy rural life” activity provided along the mountain road gives the tourists the opportunity to taste local food.

Yongshou County, Xianyang

Prime period: May

Features: “Yongshou Sophora Flower Festival” and the series of activities will be held in Cuiping Mountain scenic area in Yongshou County, Xianyang during full blossom period in May.

Self-driving tour: from Xi’an (116 km of National Road 312)-Xianyang-Liquan County -Qianxian County-Yongshou County

Other recommended spots: In addition to Yongshou County, the locations of activity entitled “Touring Sophora Flower of Ten Thousand mu and Discovering the Charm of Chunhua County” in Xianyetai Mountian and Taiquyuan in Chunhua County, Xianyang are also ideal places for flower tour.

[All Flowers Are in Blossom]

Places recommended:

No.1: Xingqing Palace Park

Prime period: April

Profile: Xingqing Palace Park is the oldest historical and cultural site park in China. During the reign of Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty, the state became prosperous. Emperor Xuan Zong, together with his favourite concubine Yang Guifei, used to hold large-scale state activities and theatrical performance at Xingqing Palace. He once met the famous poet, Li Bai at Chenxiang Pavilion and asked him to improvise a poem. In his poem, Li Bai described the Emperor Xuan Zong and Yang Guifei’s pleasure of appreciating flowers in blossom. The rare beauty and elegance of Yang Guifei, which could only be found in heaven, compares favorably with peonies in full blossom in the eyes of Emperor. Leaning against the railings of Chenxiang Pavilion, the worries in the spring will fade with the wind.

The present Xingqing Palace is famous for its tulips and from March on, varied flowers such as peonies, magnolia, begonia flowers and oriental paper bush flower will compete for blossom.

Ticket: free

Bus lines: 7, 45, 402, 410, 512, 607, 705, 800, 910, 8, 27, 37, 43, 102, 203, 300, 602, 604, K630, 228, 237, 240, 401, 408, 410, 512, 517, 525.

[All Flowers Are in Blossom]

Places recommended:

No. 2: Xi’an Expo Park

Prime period: March-April

Features: the park in March overflows with the beauties of spring and red plum, mountain peach, apricot flowers, winter jasmine, magnolia, begonia flowers are in full blossom.

Bus line: 47, 233, 262, 301, 530, 932

Ticket: RMB 60 yuan (through ticket)

Phone: 4009699358

[All Flowers Are in Blossom]

Places recommended:

No. 3: Xi'an Chanba Wetland Park

Prime period: March to April

Destinations: Peach blossoms-Jianjia Lake West Rd, Wetland orchard; magnolia-Luqu Lake Ring Rd, Tianchi West Rd; pear blossoms-Jianjia Lake West Rd, Wetland orchard; rapeseed flower-Luqu Lake Ring Rd,Wetland framland; Elm leaves plum-Luqu Lake Ring Rd, Yuyan Garden; Purple leaf-Tianchi Rd, Wetland beach; Forsythia-Tianchi Rd,, Wetland farmland

Bus line: 315, 315(interval), 316(interval), 316(interval)

Ticket: 60 yuan

Phone: 029-62815512

[All Flowers Are in Blossom]

Places recommended:

No. 4: Xi’an Botanic Garden

Features: 2017 Xi’an Botanic Garden Spring Flower Show will be held from March 28 to May 10. More than 150 kinds of bulbous flowers including tulip, hyacinth, and saffron with total number of more than 300 thousand will on display.

Bus line: take bus 701 to Miujiazhai and go east for 1 km; or take bus 25, 269, 525, 903, or tour line 6 to Qujiang Ecological Seafood City and go east for 1.8km.

Ticket: RMB 20 yuan/person during flower show

Butterflies in viridescent spring, insects in bright golden summer, wild gooses in the bright yellow autumn, and unicorns in white winter all remember that I miss you so much.

---- Those Warm and Beautiful Things in life

Hang out with your friends, bathe in the spring breeze and sea of flower, and enjoy the happy time~

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