Shaanxi’s Glamour Shines Overseas-Traditional Temple Fair Held in Australia

2017-02-08 11:54:54 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Xi’an special snack - Chinese hamburger is sold in Australia

Shaanxi. cnwest (Reporter: Jing Zehao) From February 3 to 5, as a part of the “Happy Chinese New Year” activity hosted by Ministry of Culture, The Glamour of Shaanxi - 2017 Chinese New Year of Rooster Shaanxi Temple Fair hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, organized by Silk Road International Performance Arts League and Ausfeng Group held several activities in Australia.

It is reported that 2017 Chinese New Year of Rooster Shaanxi Temple Fair was held in many cities of Australia, and will last for half a month. During the event, citizens and tourists may enjoy Shaanxi’s traditional culture elements such as song and dance, folk music, painting and calligraphy, delicacy, home textile, and paper cutting, etc.

Chen Zhen, young calligrapher and painter of Shaanxi, teaches local children to write calligraphy in the Temple Fair

Northern Shaanxi’s folk songs spread in Australia

Stall of Shaanxi’s handicraft works attracts many local people

Australian people tasting traditional snacks of Shaanxi

Dragon dance at the Temple Fair

To celebrate Chinese New Year, city hall of Parramatta, Australia is specially decorated with “Chinese Red” light

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