Action Plan of Shaanxi Province for Construction of the "Belt and Road" to Build "Five Centers" in 2017

2017-03-14 14:21:47 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi plans to build "Five Major Centers", to support "the Belt and Road" initiative.


Transportation, Trade, and Logistics Centers

I. Extend international cargo airlines

1. Build Xi’an Xianyang International Airport into an international aviation hub, so that a passenger flight network and an international aviation logistics port that connect the five continents will be built. Increase non-stop flights across continents, in Southeast Asia, and to Japan and Korea so that the major cities along the silk road will all be covered.

2. Promote the building of eight-direction high speed rail network.

3. Improve the function of Xi’an International Port District as land route ports, accelerate the building of the comprehensive logistics center on the newly-built railways, and expand the custody area along Xi’an railway ports.

4. Expand international cargo airlines in Xi’an Xianyang International Airport so that an air cargo company will be established.

II. Expand China Railway Express

1. Support the expansion of China Railway Express, improve the international railway logistics network of “two stems, multiple branches and two hubs” (two stems referring to the western and the middle lines; multiple branches extending to Moscow, Hamburg, Warsaw etc.; two hubs referring to one in Xi’an the other in Europe).

2. Build a “one-stop” service system for cargo and mail air transportation for Shaanxi, Ningxia and Qinghai to promote the integral development of aviation logistics. Promote the construction of the customs clearance system, support the development of cross-border e-commerce, and expand import & export trade.


An International Capacity Cooperation Center

I. Focus on the building of the Sino-Russia Silk Road Creativity Park

1. Fully develop province-state cooperation between China and the U.S.,deepen economic and trade cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries and regions, promote economic and trade cooperation with Japan, Korea and Australia etc., expand opening and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and intensify cooperation with African and Latin American regions in production capacity, economics and trade.

2. Practice the co-operational mode of “one park, two regions” and the focus is on the building of the Sino-Russia Silk Road Creativity Park and Sino-Kazak Apple Friendship Park.

3. Accelerate the building of domestic industrial parks for international cooperation and promote the building of overseas international industrial parks.

II. Participate in international productivity capacity cooperation

1. Lead the major market subjects to participate in international productivity capacity cooperation, and accelerate the “going out” initiative in the backbone enterprises as well as advantageous private enterprises

2. Expand the overseas project contract market for the major enterprises.


Science, Technology and Education Centers

I. Plan and build an industrial base for international cooperation in science and technologies

1. Plan and build an industrial base for international cooperation in science and technologies, and build a platform for international scientists to cooperate in innovative researches and information sharing.

2. Start the comprehensive building of the International Modern Agricultural Cooperation Center in Yangling, and strengthen cooperation and communication with Central Asian countries in modern agriculture, energies, chemistry, equipment manufacturing etc.

3. Support foreign entities to set up international R & D centers, laboratories, institutes of entrepreneurial techniques and other innovative research organizations in Shaanxi, and encourage entities in Shaanxi to set up overseas R & D centers.

II. Strive for more governmental scholarships dedicated to “the Silk Road”

1. Support the building of Poland Research Center, Arabian Cultural Research Center and other think tanks, optimize the discipline and specialty setup in colleges and universities, and accelerate the training of non-common foreign language talents and regional research talents.

2. Strive for more governmental scholarships dedicated to “the Silk Road”, and support colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province to apply for government scholarships for enrolling international students.

3. Support the building of a farmers’ vocational school in Yangling.

4. Strengthen the building of platforms for international communication and cooperation in education, and further improve the building of highlands for international academic communication and cooperation in Shaanxi.


An International Tourism Center

I. Offer visa-free entry for international transit passengers from a number of countries

1. Offer 144-hour visa-free entry for international transit passengers from a number of countries at Xianyang International Airport, sign touristic cooperative frame agreements and collaborative memorandum with countries along the silk road, and hold international touristic exhibitions with them.

2. With the city image of “the starting point of the silk road, and the hometown of Qinshihuang’s terra cotta soldiers”, expand more channels for overseas touristic advertisements to attract more foreign tourists to Shaanxi.

II. Build an experiential touristic passageway with “the Starting City of Silk Road” characteristics

1. Create name brands for tourism. Support the building of a red touristic demonstration area for international cooperation in Yan’an, and create a name brand as well.

2. Build an experiential touristic passageway with “the Starting City of Silk Road” characteristics, a cultural eco-tourism resort in Qinling Mountain, Yellow River touristic belt, a national cultural park for the tomb of the Yellow Emperor, in the aim of improving the international competitiveness of Shaanxi touristic brands.


A Regional Financial Center

I. Promote agglomerate development in finance

1. Optimize the layout of financial resources, and promote the agglomerate development of offshore finance, energy finance, science & technology finance and cultural finance in Xi’an financial business district, Xixian New Area, Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone and Qujiang New District.

2. Introduce foreign financial service organizations and support their branch settlement in Shaanxi. Promote building of the local financial system, encourage competent private enterprises to set up private banks, develop non-bank financial institutions, and accelerate the building of district financial centers.

II. Create new modes of internationalized financing

1. Accelerate offshore financing and two-way cross-border RMB cash pooling service, encourage banks with offshore licenses to promote offshore businesses, improve the publicity of their business, and expand their client group.

2. Create new modes of internationalized financing, deepen reform in investment and financing systems, explore the potential of private and social capital, promote multi-modal cooperation between governmental and social capitals, and expand financial resources from multiple channels.

It is also mentioned in the Action Plan for “the Belt and Road” Initiative in Shaanxi 2017 to optimize developmental environment, to facilitate enterprises’ “going out” initiative, to accelerate language services for “the Belt and Road”, the building of big data on-line services and other measures.

Accelerate the building of the (Pilot) Free Trade Zone in Shaanxi, China.

1. Shaanxi Province is to accelerate the building of the (Pilot) Free Trade Zone in Shaanxi, China, deepen reform in administrative systems, steadily carry out the transfer and takeover of 217 authorities from the provincial government, so that the government will play more the role of supervision and result control.

2. Deepen reform in business registration, and implement parallel examination and approval in the free trade zone according to the principle of “one-window handle, license combination, and joint management”. Facilitate investment and trade, simplify overseas investment procedures for international businesses.

3. Push forward the cooperation with Korea in air pollution prevention and the building of an environment-friendly industrial park in Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone.

4. Push forward cooperation with Umea city in Sweden in garbage classification, start the pilot scheme in Chan-Ba Ecological District, and improve the grid garbage management system for modern cities.

5. Accelerate the building of Qinling National Park, Qiaoshan National Park, and Giant Panda National Park.

6. Make great efforts to build pilot national wetland parks.

7. Continue holding Euro-Asia Economic Forum, Silk Expo and the Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China (ITFCEW), Yangling Agriculture Hi-Tech Fair, Shaanxi-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic Cooperative Week, The World-wide Qin Businessmen Congress, Western China Multi-National Sourcing Fair etc.

8. Prepare for the Shaanxi Week in the Chinese Pavilion at the 2017 Astana World Expo.

9. Strive to invite more countries along the Silk Road to set up embassies and business offices in Shaanxi.

10. Complete the building of Cambodian and Malaysian embassies in Xi’an, and the settlement of Korea, Malaysia, Thailand Cambodia in the consular district.

Besides the building of “five major centers”, historic & cultural bases will be built to expand exchanges in cultural archaeology. Building of a culture center will be accelerated and an international cultural exchange & exhibition center will be built.

Accelerate the building of Xi’an Culture Center

1. Fully explore religious cultures and especially the important roles that Chinese Buddhist Culture plays in serving “the Belt and Road” and in building an international metropolis with historic and cultural characteristics. With the advantageous traditional cultural resources from Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang dynasties, set up a state-level cultural & ecological protection experimental area.

2. Prepare well for the 4th international silk road art festival, and create cultural name brands of “Qin Style”, and an international silk road-themed city intelligent museum and a historic & cultural research center.

3. Continue archaeological research with the Central Asian countries by expanding research areas and strengthening cooperation.

4. Dub a number of high-quality films and televisions that reflect modern Shaanxi to match with the cultural products for “the Belt and Road”.

5. Strive for the settlement of “Silk Road Visual Bridge Project”, “Silk Road Scholarly Project”, “International Publishing Project for Classical Chinese” etc. in Shaanxi.

6. Push forward foreign trade in copyrights, accelerate the building of cultural centers in Xi’an, and set up exhibition centers for international cultural exchanges.

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