Spring comes finally

2020-03-16 15:00:58 , Source : Discover Shaanxi

This winter is a bit long anddifficult

Fortunately, everything is gettingbetter

Itis getting warmer

and the spring breeze is blowing

I guess you must want togo out


Giant pandas atHanzhong Fopingarehaving fun


And spring in Xi'an comes finally

after a few showers

The jasmine was the first to

tell us the arrival of spring

Magnolia flowers blossomedovernight

I want to share with you acolorful Xi'an in springtime

1 Huaqing Palace

Huaqing Palacewillgreet you with green water and willow

2 City Wall

Flowers around the City Wall blossom

3 The Tang Paradise

The formerroyalgarden with pavilionsand towersis now asought-afterdestination inspring

4 Bailuyuan MovieTown

Bailuyuan in spring has a distinctive charm of its own

5 Qujiangchi Park

You'dfindspring is everywhere inthe park

Wearingmasksfor a long time at home

wealmost forgot that the spring in Xi'an is so tender and charming

Although we can'tgo to the park to enjoy the flowers as usual

don’t forget totake a walk in your community or just open window

to feelthe light breeze

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