The picturesque Chang’an in the snow

2018-12-30 00:17:27 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The last snowfall of 2018

decorated Xi’an like the ancient city of Chang’an overnight,

as if it’s back in the Tang Dynasty.

With the “magic wand” of these active photographers,

we can finally appreciate the dreamlike

Xi’an City Wall, various Buddhist monasteries and parks.

The historic Xi’an City Wall

The red flags stand like Generals in ancient times,

fearlessly confronting the coldness of the ice and snow,

indicating their deepest love for the city.

Even the snow over the sky salutes them.

                                                                                                     Photographer: zanezhe

The Xi’an City Wall in the snow in daylight is simple and elegant,

while it manifests a sense of quietness at night.

The colour of the snowflakes turns lighter in the light of the palace lanterns,

delivering the warmth through time.

                                                                        Photographer: Jiang Weiqing (姜渭清)

Take a walk on the Xi’an City Wall

or taste the wine and enjoy the snowfall in a bistro

in tranquility and relaxation.

                                                                        Photophagher: Jiang Weiqing (姜渭清)

The Bell Tower in the snow

“How time flies,

and we didn’t even realize the changes around us.

So many legends and stories,

turning out to be the ancient city of Chang’an.”

                                                                                                     Photographer: zanezhe

The previous prosperity and the modern vitality of the Bell Tower,

all go quiet under the snow.

                                                                        Photophagher: Jiang Weiqing (姜渭清)

It is said that the Bell Tower is the soul of Xi’an City.

If it has feelings,

what would it think in such a scenery?

                                                                        Photophagher: Jiang Weiqing (姜渭清)

The Tang Paradise

The Tang Paradise in the snow

reveals the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.

It’s like in a dream

the water nearby froze with snow,

above which a bridge crosses the river

and stands together with the buildings far away.

Walking on the corridor covering with snow,

you may see the flourishing Chang’an City in ancient time.

                                                     Photographer: The deep white fish (深白色的小鱼)

In the snow,

the red lanterns shining

and the stone steps approaching to the opposite pavilion

seem like telling old stories.

                                                                                                  Photographer: SnoWFoX

The Dayan Pagoda

“The broken sound of the bamboo branches from time to time

indicates the snow gets heavier late at night.”

The Dayan Pagoda appears to be more gorgeous

surrounded by green pine trees and cypresses under the snow.

The red building together with the pine trees stands upright in the snow,

magnifying the truth that the purer, the more significant.

                                                                                                     Photographer: zanezhe

The statue of Xuanzang stands and preys kindly in the snow,

facing the distance,

bringing us to that night when he translated scriptures under the light

after returning from the West.

                                                                             Photographer: Yang Xilong (杨喜龙)

No matter how time flies,

the scriptures collected in the Dayan Pagoda that Xuanzang take from the West

are the source of his original aspiration

and the belief throughout his life.

If the Tang Paradise is too bustling

and the Dayan Pagoda is too historical,

then take a walk along the the Qujiang Pool.

The Qujiang Pool

Rowing slowly in the Qujiang Pool,

the white snow falls and melts on the prow of the boat,

as if it thaws in one’s heart.

                                                                                    Photographer: Wang Ping (王平)

The trees along the pool are barely visible in the mist.

Come to enjoy the charm of the clear water

and the elegant bridge.

                                                                                    Photographer: Wang Ping (王平)

The crystalline snow and the clear water

may cleanse your soul.

Then have a drink

and take an oar

and float in such picturesque scenery.

                                                                                    Photographer: Wang Ping (王平)

The Hanyao Heritage Park

Hanyao is the scenic spot of choice for travelling in Qujiang Heritage Park.

The Qujiang Hanyao Heritage Park

is open to the public

from December 28th, 2018.

For Free!

The story of Wang Baochuan and Xue Pinggui

echoes in the snowfall.

                                    Photographer: The wonderer in Nantun Village (南屯游子)

Just like the lyrics in Wang Baochuan:

“The young man gets experienced in the outside world,

while the lady gets older after years of waiting.”

The gifted scholars and beautiful ladies are all gone,

leaving us the snow year after year.

                                    Photographer: The wonderer in Nantun Village (南屯游子)

The falling snow intersperses the prosperous Chang’an City.

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