Spokesman Wang Guoqing Tells “Shaanxi Story” at the First Press Conference of the Fifth Session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee

2017-03-20 15:38:31 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The Fifth Session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) opened in the afternoon of March 2 at the Great Hall of the People, and Wang Guoqing, the spokesman of the press conference, answered the questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Wang announced that the Fifth Session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee is scheduled to open at 3:00 p.m. of March 3 at the Great Hall of the People and close in the morning of March 13. Now, all the preparatory work has done. The address at the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and three sessions of the CPPCC National Committee will be open to Chinese and foreign journalists.

Key word: Poverty alleviation program

Luochuan, Shaanxi: “small apples become a big industry”

"Last May, the CPPCC special investigating group spent eight days in Yan’an and conducted an in-depth analysis research for its successful experience in industry poverty relief." At the press conference, Wang told the story of Li Xin’an, a Luochuan peasant, when he was answering the question about targeted poverty alleviation. In 1947, Li introduced apple seedlings from Henan Province; puzzled by everybody, he persisted in a decade and make Luochuan apple become “a pioneering contribution” on the Loess Plateau of northern Shaanxi.

"Now apples have become the ‘cash cow’ of northern Shaanxi peasants. Not limited to Luochuan, small apples have become a big industry around Shaanxi; now the number of employed person of the whole industry chain has exceeded ten million, which has created the experience of ‘A household has an half acre of apple orchard, poverty removal will be no problem and a happy Chinese New Year will come’. Members of the standing committee of CPPCC who participated in the investigation carried this successful experience to the “Implement Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Targeted Poverty Removal, and Improve Poverty Relief Effects” special consultative standing committee convoked last June.”

Key word: China’s economy

China remains the most powerful “engine” for the world economy

Speaking of China’s economy, Wang said, under the overall background that global economic recovery is weak, in 2016, China’s GDP breaks through RMB 70 trillion; economic growth returns to the top among primary economic entities in the world and starts a good beginning for the “13th Five-Year Plan”. He expressed that, now China’s economy is slow but steady, and towards positive as a whole, but still needs to consolidate at every step and go ahead steadily and surely. China still unchanged its fundamental, essential feature, supporting foundation and condition, and advancing situation towards positive development. In 2017, China will still serve as the most powerful “engine” for the world economy.

Key word: Deepening reform

China will keep reforming without ending

Speaking of the overall work keynote of seeking improvement in stability, Wang said, “seeking improvement in stability” is not only a cardinal principle for us to govern the country and deal with politics, but also an important methodology for opening up. “Stability” is the foundation, the keynote, and the premise of seeking improvement; "seeking improvement" is the purpose and the general trend. “Seeking improvement in stability” not means doing nothing or daringnot to do anything, but keep forging ahead in important fields and key links, and promote “steady” by “seeking improvement”. China will keep reforming without ending. China will not slow down its pace of comprehensively deepening reform and will be more steady and robust.

Key word: Relationship between the government and commerce

Establish a “close” and “incorruptible” new relationship between the government and commerce

In regard to the new government-commerce relationship, Wang said, General Secretary Xi Jinping used the words “close” and incorruptible” to define the new government-commerce relationship when he was visiting CPPCC members during the CPPCC National Committee period last year; it not only provided an important method for the Party and government leading cadres at different levels to sweep away borders and handle affairs incorruptibly, but also pointed out the direction for the private economy to have a healthy development. Now, there still exist some serious problems, for example, some officials are "incorruptible" but not “close”; some leading cadres give a wide berth to enterprises, daring not do anything, unwilling to do something, and staying negative. The construction of a healthy government-commerce relationship is “on the way forever”.

Key word: the “Belt and Road”

The initiative that derives from China and benefits the world

In regard to the the “Belt and Road” initiative, Wang said, the “Belt and Road” is a world cause with historical significance; though the initiative comes from China, its achievements will benefit the world. Now the “moments” of the “Belt and Road” is continuously extended; more than 100 countries and international organizations have participated in jointly and more than 40 countries and organizations have signed the cooperation agreement with China, and 20 countries alon the “Belt and Road” have set up 56 economic and trade cooperation zones.

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