Let’s Straighten Our National Backbone and Awaken Our National Soul

2017-03-20 15:34:16 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

----- Shaanxi Deputys conduct a hot discussion on strengthening cultural confidence

Strengthening cultural confidence not only derives from Chinese cultural deposit, inheritance and innovation, and development, it also comes from the remarkable achievements of modern China’s economic and social development, and the strong confidence in realizing the Chinese Dream. During the two sessions, Shaanxi deputies conduct a hot discussion on how to strengthen cultural confidence, flourish cultural undertakings, inherit and protect excellent traditional cultures.

Deputy Liu Kuanren -----

Shaanxi should be a forerunner, leader and demonstrator

"Road selection, theoretical innovation and institution building should take root in culture; cultural confidence is the firm belief and one of important foundations of the new progress of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and provides an enduring and forceful power for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” Liu Kuanren, NPC Deputy and head of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, said, they carefully regard the study of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speech spirits as the guideline, firstly put forward to take the construction of “cultural Shaanxi” under cultural confidence as the lead according to the deployment of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Shaanxi Government, to develop the cultural cause and industry of Shaanxi.

Liu expressed that, according to the spirit of Opinions on Strengthening Cultural Confidence by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture combines with the actual work and makes great efforts to implement various works and tasks. Firstly, it is to emphasize on forging on-site performance cultural brands possessing international vision, national level and Shaanxi characteristics; secondly, it is to prepare to build Shaanxi culture training institutes, to promote Shaanxi’s capacity in culture industrial management and team building level of various professional talents; thirdly, it is to make preparations for Shaanxi Modern Culture and Art Center, to carry out modern art display activities, so as to provide an entrepreneurship platform for young artists; fourthly, it is to start and implement “A Hundred Literary and Artistic Creation Talents Engineering” of Shaanxi Province, so as to wholly promote the literary and artistic creation level of Shaanxi. In short, the cultural system around Shaanxi will, aiming for being a strong cultural province and led by the construction of “cultural Shaanxi”, make great efforts to become a forerunner, leader and demonstrator in cultural confidence and make new contributions to the prosperity of Shaanxi culture.

Deputy Han Baosheng ------

Discover culture essence to mold cultural confidence -----

Han Baosheng, NPC Deputy, vice director of Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal People’s Congress, and deputy dean of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, said, Xi’an is an international metropolis; developing cultural industry is not only a strategic measure to strengthen national cultural soft power, but also an era choice to promote national economic hard power. Xi’an possesses profound historic and cultural resources, and has the responsibility to carry forward excellent traditional culture, forge cultural highland, implement cultural guidance, initiate development advantages of the Silk Road Economic Belt, and carry the cultural development flag. Therefore, we must use the innovation thought to make greater achievements, set up cultural confidence and innovate cultural concept. Discovering and carrying forward operatic culture essence and putting forth effort to forge national-level operatic cultural industrial base are the theoretical practices for the realization of cultural self-consciousness and confidence, which can inject a new force and new vitality for the construction of cultural Xi’an.

Han thought, when developing economy, culture will go first. The “Belt and Road” strategy has become the fusion agent for countries along the “Belt and Road” to conduct in-depth cultural exchanges and the “soft” support for urban economic and trade cooperation. In front of such a historic opportunity, we should deeply excavate the cultural value of Chinese operatic sites and combine the cultural background with modern tourism development, deeply discover the connotation of cultural heritages and form a new cultural tourism industry chain of Xi’an led by traditional opera culture, and forge a Xi’an cultural tourism brand, so that it can substantially promote Xi’an to be an international metropolis cultural center.

Deputy Yang Haiming -------

Accelerate to form the cultural industry big pattern

“Culture is the blood of the people, and cultural confidence is the most fundamental, extensive and profound confidence.” Yang Haiming, NPC Deputy, vice chairman of Shaanxi Federation of Industry & Commerce, and president of Hanzhong Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., said, “Keeping cultural confidence must need a certain carrier, cultural cause is one aspect, and cultural industry is the other one. In view of current development trend, fields like culture, education, etc. are gradually becoming consumption hotspots and the cultural industry development will face a new rare opportunity.”

Yang expressed that, in view of developing cultural industry, Hanzhong has unique advantages, especially for its long history and deep culture deposit, and is the hometown of Zhang Qian, a pioneer of the ancient Silk Road. On the other hand, Hanzhong has sound ecological environment and distinct regional advantages; especially, the completion of Xi’an-Chengdu dedicated passenger line and the discovery of the mega-size Tiankeng group provide a rare opportunity for quickening to form the east-west linkage and south-north integration Shaanxi-Sichuan-Chongqing-Hubei trans-regional tourism development big pattern. He suggested that, we should further highlight the importance of Hanzhong culture, and give strong support in the aspect of land indicator, financial loan, project investment, etc.

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