Shangguan Jiqing: Support Xi’an to Develop into a National Central City and Strengthen the Core Function of Xi’an

2017-03-20 15:02:15 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

In the morning of March 7, Shangguan Jiqing, NPC Deputy, governor of Xi’an, suggested when reviewing the report on the work of government that, we should support Xi’an to develop into a national central city and strengthen the core function of Xi’an, drive the development of the central Shaanxi area, lead the development of northwest China, and make more contribution to serving the national strategy.

Shangguan said: “The government work report of premier Li Keqiang is inspiring and a report in conformity with national conditions, new ideas of development, as well as people’s willing, and I totally agree with that.”

Shangguan said: “I can obtain full sense of, strong reform consciousness, and pragmatic and responsible work spirit from the report. The report points out: we need to comprehensively advance the development of “three strategies” and “four fields”, solidly promote new-type urbanization. Then we will promote the up-speeding development of northwest region including Xi’an, achieve catching up and surpassing, accelerate the construction of multilevel city cluster, and further improve the national new-type urban system.” He made a proposal to the country to support Xi’an to develop into a national central city, strength the core function of Xi’an, drive the development of the central Shaanxi area, and lead the development of northwest China.

Shangguan said northwest region was the main battlefield of west development and the forefront for opening up towards the west, so it had an important strategic position. From the aspect of optimizing regional development pattern, it is urgent for northwest region to establish a national central city. As an important central city of the west area and the core city of central Shaanxi city cluster, Xi’an is capable to undertake the responsibility to lead the regional development and serve national situation.

Shangguan said: “Xi’an possesses the general conditions of constructing it as a national central city for its outstanding regional advantages, multiple policy opportunities, rich-concentrated hi-tech innovation resources, and famous culture brands. Constructing Xi’an into a national central city is beneficial to promote linkage of opening up both internal and external, advance construction of the "Belt and Road", support the up-speeding rising of northwest region, and help to realize the national strategy of coordinated development of regions; is beneficial to transform innovation resource advantages into economic development advantage, promote regional industry transformation and upgrading, and set innovation-driven development  demonstration for northwest region; and is beneficial to inherit and protect outstanding traditional culture, build cultural highland of the Silk Road, manifest culture confidence, and help to improve the national cultural soft power.

Shangguan also suggested relevant national ministries and commissions to accelerate to launch the construction of Xi’an-Chongqing High-speed Railway, to appraise the Phase III Xi’an metro construction planning as soon as possible, and to list Xi’an in the 2017 national sponge city pilots.

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