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2017-03-20 16:08:50 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Xi’an needs to place itself in a higher position during implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative

Original report: steadily advancing “Belt and Road” initiative

Mr. Zhang Baotong, Vice Director of Academic Board, Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences and President of Shaanxi Urban Economic and Cultural Research Association remarked that “Belt and Road” initiative, focused on opening to the west, in particular, jointly building economic belt on silk road, is oriented to strengthen Asia-Europe cooperation and exchange along Eurasian Continental Bridge, which requires an international metropolis as a transnational venue. Xi’an exactly takes up the role. Acting as the new start point of economic belt for Silk Road and core of “Belt and Road”, the critical point for major development of Xi’an lies in enhancing its positioning from international metropolis of historical and cultural features to of Asia-Europe cooperation and exchange, so that it is integrated with “Belt and Road” strategy for sake of leap-frog development by grasping opportunities provided by the initiative. “Belt and Road” development principally is to boost the corporation and communication between Asia and Europe.

Liu Miao, Reporter of Chinese Business Daily

Lifting up limitation to private sector by more participation in army-civilian integrating industry

Original report: any industries and fields not explicitly banned by laws and regulations should allow equally access by various market entities, all industries and fields open to foreign investment should also open to private capital; and all the unreasonable behaviors inflicting on fair competition in the market should be firmly deterred and stopped.

Dr. Jiao Heping, member of Xi’an CPPCC and Vice Professor of Northwest University of Politics and Law commented that this point is significantly positive to development of private sector as easing the access to industries and fields to them. The change has resolved inequality between previous super-national treatment to foreign enterprises and reverse discrimination to private sector. With regard to private enterprises willing to invest in Shaanxi and Xi’an, the change of policy undoubtedly increase the attraction of Shaanxi since it provides more opportunities to private ones for involved in the military-and-civilian-integrated development in contrast to the past that some military industries restricted access from them. Shaanxi has witnessed good military-and-civilian-integrated development with great potential and Xi’an now is one of the national demonstration bases in this regard. Now, Xi’an strives to be a national demonstration city regarding military-and-civilian-integrated development in view of transforming the advantages in military and scientific research into real benefits and productive force.

Chen Chunping, Reporter of Chinese Business Daily

To realize the profound integration of virtual economy and tangible economy

Original report: promoting e-commerce and express delivery into communities and villages and facilitating integrated development of physical store sales and on-line shopping.

Zhang Hong, president of Shaanxi Economic Association and dean of School of Economics and Management, Xi`an University of Posts & Telecommunications, remarked that, e-commerce should transform from individual to group as customization, adoption, platformization, poverty relief, big data, “internet+”, integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, combination of e-commerce in community and village are the general trend of e-commerce development. Agricultural products sales network system linking urban and rural area with resources share is to be established by setting up comprehensive village e-commerce public service system at county scale, promoting on-line selling of agricultural products and industrial product on-line shopping access to village, for sake of accelerating poverty relief and wealth creation in village through promoting all enterprises access to e-commerce, all residences access to internet, general public starting a business, mass innovation, realizing deep integration of virtual and tangible economy, facilitating agriculture upgrading, village development and farmers income increasing.

Chen Chunping, Reporter of Chinese Business Daily

Integration of new e-commerce industries indicates the orientation to e-commerce development in rural area

Original report: build new pattern of integrating primary, secondary and tertiary industry development in rural area by promoting rural restructuring, supporting main producing areas to develop deep processing agricultural products and expanding industrial chain and value chain.

Zhang Hong said that the integration among primary, secondary and tertiary industry referred in the report is of significance to development of e-commerce in Shaanxi rural area. Scattered individual e-business people in Xi’an and other places will scale up into county-clustered scale, rural e-commerce will integrate with primary, secondary and tertiary industry so that e-commerce will boost the greater leaping development of Shaanxi industries. The integrated and coordinated development of the three major industries is encouraged such as that fruits like apple grown by farmers in some places of Shaanxi can be further upgraded into processing industry and juice processing as well as combination between fruit picking and travelling e-commerce.

The integration of new e-commerce industries has indicated the development trend of e-commerce in rural area of highlighting “three-new”, i.e., new economy: internet + modern agriculture; new momentum: reform at agriculture supply side; new e-commerce: e-commerce + integrated three major industries. These are new thoughts to us that building new e-commerce facilitates wealth increase of farmers as per integrating three major industries, coordinating three major products, synchronizing industrialization, urbanization and agriculture modernization and enhancing three standards.

Chen Chunping, Reporter of Chinese Business Daily

Vigorous development of development zone based on regional advantages

Original report: optimize regional development pattern. Coordinately push forward three strategies and development of “four plates”, properly implement relevant plan and study and formulate new measures. Facilitate national new area, development area and industrial parks and other innovative development…

Lei Hongzhen, assistant dean of International Business School, Shaanxi Normal University comments that, since construction of Xi’an development zones pioneer among counterparts, it is advisable to seek for vigorous development depending on regional advantage after collecting and analyzing the existing experience. In addition, large numbers of state owned enterprises in Shaanxi means multiple opportunities for reform of SOE in Xi’an. Reforming SOE by downsizing organization, enhancing quality and efficiency forms new management system and flexible and efficient market-oriented operation mechanism in enterprises.

Huang Tao, Reporter, and Deng Xiaowei, Cameraman, Chinese Business Daily

Inflation pressure will not rise markedly this year

Original report: the major anticipated target of development this year: consumer price increases by about 3%.

Interpretation by experts:

After entering into new normal state, economic advancement gears down and consumer price increase steadily slows down. From 2013 to 2016, CPI year-on-year rises respectively by 2.6%, 2.0%, 1.4% and 2.0%, all within 3%.

CPI in 2016 has slightly expanded the year-on-year, yet still rising moderately that CPI year-on-year increase of each month within 2016 fluctuates between 1.3% and 2.3%. Mao Shengyong, news spokesman of National Bureau of Statistics previously analyzed that from the aspect of consuming in service, industrial products and food, inflation pressure will not clearly on the rise.

Mei Xingbao, member of the national committee of CPPCC and former president of China Orient Asset Management Corporation said that, “the anticipation control target of CPI is reasonable to be controlled at about 3%. The economy has a good start at the beginning of the year that economy operation maintains steadily in positive trend, in particular, PPI pick up obviously while attention should be paid to the transmission effect to downstream and pay attention to goods price tendency.” From Xinhua News

The key of maintaining about 6.5% increase is to ensure employment rate

Original report: GDP is to increase by about 6.5% and strive to better result in reality.

Interpretation by experts:

Jia Kang, member of the national committee of CPPCC and former director of Chinese Academy of Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance commented that, “ although the section target is downwards in contrast to 6.5% to 7% in the last year, about 6.5% is a comparatively reasonable target.”

Bai Zhong’en, member of the national committee of CPPCC and professor of Tsinghua University: “ economic increase at about 6.5% is key to ensure employment rate and is favorable to form positive social anticipation.”

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