CPPCC Members Focus on Shaanxi’s Economic Development: Greater Support for Private Enterprises

2017-03-17 11:40:16 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province


CPPCC members are discussing hot points. Photographed by Zhang Wei

People’s Daily Online, Xi’an 26th Jan. (Wu Chao, Zhang Wei) Economic development is the hot topic of many CPPCC members every year. This year, CPPCC members in Shaanxi give many proposals on economic development in Shaanxi positively. Many members consider that it has to focus on development of middle and small enterprise and private enterprise to realize great economic development in Shaanxi when the global economy is depressing and increasing speed of Chinese economy is slow.

CPPCC member Lei Xiping:

The government should take more investigations and surveys on promoting development of small and medium-sized enterprises and put forward proposals for bottlenecks, policies, financing to promote their sound development. It should strengthen investigations and surveys on transformation of intellectual property rights and brand awareness of small and medium-sized enterprises, change current situation of Shaanxi “First-class technology, second-class quality, third-class brand”, and promote Shaanxi to transfer from grant province of science and technology to a strong province of science and technology.

CPPCC member Jia Shenlong:

It’s very necessary to create superior development environment for small and medium-sized enterprises by strengthening competitiveness and reducing cost. To achieve rapid economic development in 2016, Shaanxi needs to make great efforts to urge small and medium-sized enterprise to reduce the cost and improve weakness, promote supply side structural reform, lead enterprises to improve the quality of products, quality and performance, reduce the production cost and improve the market competitiveness.

CPPCC member Li Huqun:

Shaanxi needs to seize the opportunity and take fully advantage of core area of Silk Road and new beginning of Xi’an to instruct private enterprises to develop outward. Relevant government departments should expand work channels abroad actively, build bridges for private enterprises to go out, serve them by a series of work including economic information collection, tax and law consultancy, policy transfer and business coordination, build enterprise overseas investment service system, instruct and service for them to “going out”. There are some unexpected risks and difficulties for private enterprises to “going out”. Relevant government departments and all levels federation of industry and commerce needs to strengthen communication and coordination, instruct enterprises to go out together and unite as one, enhance competitiveness and viability, strengthen the contact with overseas embassies and consulates, take great efforts to ensure rights and interests of Shaanxi “going out” private enterprises in Shaanxi.

CPPCC member Zhao Baolong:

The government departments should focus on development difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, formulate powerful policies and measures, give more support in finance and tax, help them to get out of the dilemma, and solve the employment problem by taking advantages of absorbing the labor force.

CPPCC member Liu Yuming:

The development of non-public economy in Shaanxi is relatively slow, how to solve this weakness is a very important issue for Shaanxi and specific measures should be formulated to solve it. Suggestions: 1. Non-public economy is fresh troops, so it needs to stimulate the vitality and implement the five major development concepts. 2. To take efforts to solve the investment environment problems and optimize business attraction problems. 3. Pay attention to the construction of innovative talents team and entrepreneurs team. 4. The government should strengthen leading of policy guidance.

CPPCC members Guo Mingyao and Shang Pengyu:

In recent years, the government concerns less on non-public economy and there is no any effect only by talk, so it shall formulate policies to support the non-public economy of Shaanxi and solve the financing difficulty of private enterprises to promote their development.

CPPCC member Yuan Xuewu:

Relevant measures should be implemented for different classifications to promote development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shaanxi. Enterprises and colleges and universities should be combined via high-end manufacturing and technical innovation, transformation and upgrading of enterprises can be realized to build up docking mechanism via introducing new technology, patents and achievements.. Most consumer enterprises in Shaanxi are processing agricultural products, which should be combined with development of rural e-commerce to integrate resources all over the province, create provincial and municipal e-commerce platform and form a network of provincial and municipal e-commerce and logistics distribution to serve the agricultural products flow well.

CPPCC member Wang Wusuo:

The government should create a relaxed environment for development of the real economy with perfect social legal measures. There are very few listed non-public economy enterprises and it is difficult to finance in capital market directly. At the same time, the indirect financing channel is not smooth and even very narrow constrained by some factors such as imperfect credit service system, small guarantee scale and simple guarantee style. It should establish and perfect the multi-level financial organization system of financial services for non-public economy enterprises, take various measures to broaden their financing channels, improve service consciousness and level of the bank, play positive role of small and medium-sized commercial bank, and set up the financing platform to promote bank-enterprise cooperation. Commercial banks should provide financial support for enterprise with good market, efficiency and credibility, carry out diversified financial innovation service such as supply chain financing, intellectual property rights pledge, equity pledge, contract financing, credit loans and bill business. The government and financial institutions need to keep innovation in financing mechanisms and financing mode continually to solve difficult financing for non-public economy enterprises especially the “sized enterprises”.

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