Representatives of Provincial People's Congress Actively offered Advice and Suggestions for Booming Rural Tourism

2017-03-20 14:32:29 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

With the development of the characterized tourism in a number of ancient villages and towns like Yuanjia village, Maweiyi, rural tourism has become the first choice for many people travel. Watch the ancient town & folk custom and eat delicious food. Guided by this "popular folk custom tour" phenomenon, many villages begin the transition, gradually from production to service, then to tourism. But they also encounter some obstacles in the process of transformation.

Liujiagou Village in Weicheng District of Xianyang City is located in Wuling plateau dotted with the cultural relics. It faces the Changling (the tomb of Liu Bang in Han Dynasty) to the north and Xianyang Palace Site of Qin Dynasty to the west. Reporter saw that village roads in 4 meters wide are straight and tidy, and there are several Han Dynasty antique buildings, more highlighting the rich cultural atmosphere.

Chen Gang, the Representative of Provincial People's Congress and director in Liujiagou village of Weicheng District: "Before 2012, our village was dirty, noisy and disorder, and a very backward village in Wei Cheng District; after 2012, combining with the construction of beautiful countryside, this village works first on the environment.”

After four-year efforts, the village appearance of Liujiagou has undergone tremendous changes, turning into a famous beautiful village. As the director of Liu Jiagou village, Chen Gang, witnesses this change, and, in the first time, wants to make the transformation from agricultural production to rural tourism in the village.

Chen Gang, the Representative of Provincial People's Congress and director in Liujiagou village of Weicheng District: "Now, our rural tourism industry draws on the model Yuanjia village, but we can not bring the whole model of Yuanjia village. We need to absorb its merits and take advantage of our Liujiagou’s characteristics, mainly about the cave culture.”

At present, Liujiagou village has begun to develop efficient agriculture, flowers, efficient greenhouse vegetables and folk customs village tourism and other industries. 60% villagers has participated in rural tourism supporting services, worked on “happy farmhouse” and sold farmhouse meal. Rural Tourism has become a new way for the villagers to get rich.

Jing Ningxia, a villager of Liujiagou village of Weicheng district: "The main source of income of our family is farming, and we can only earn about ten thousand yuan a year. From last year on, we worked on "happy farmhouse" for two months, and we earned twenty thousand yuan."

Chen Gang said that we plan to highlight history and culture and continue to merge more elements of the Han Dynasty in next step, but to develop rural tourism with only the economic strength of a village far exceeds our ability. So we can only rely on investment promotion to achieve that goal.

Chen Gang, the provincial deputy to the NPC, also the village officer of Liujiagou village, Weicheng district said: "There is no public accumulation, shortage of fund and no good business canvassing platform in Liujiagou village, then how to link our village with some enterprises?”

On the current problems encountered by Liujiagou village, there are many provincial deputies to NPC offering their suggestions in the current session of provincial “Two Sessions”.

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