CPPCC Member Zhu Hong Proposed Providing Modern Life Concept Education for New Rural Migrant Workers

2017-03-20 14:24:00 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Zhu Hong accepted the reporter interview of People's Network

"There is no discrimination against the rural population. But the rural population quickly into the city will inevitably have to adapt, just like we go to big cities like New York, Paris suddenly. It is inevitable a little bit not used to it. My proposal is to solve this kind adaptation of the farmers into the city through the joint efforts of relevant functional departments, so that these farmer brothers and sisters better integrate into the urban development, then to contribute

to the development of the city". To avoid the misunderstanding, Zhu Hong hurriedly explained to reporters about the original idea of submitting this proposal.

Zhu Hong told reporters that urbanization is the inevitable stage of social progress and development, and a large number of rural population away from the land into the city is an important manifestation of urbanization. But a large number of rural population into the city has not only enjoyed the civilization but also the confusion. How to better integrate into the city life, into the modern civilization has become the biggest problem of a lot of farmers now.

Zhu Hong admitted that no one has any reason to discriminate against the city's new rural population. The rural population is deeply influenced by the rural culture and has its own habits. The city has the civilization of itself, and also a modern civilization slowly developing from the different traffic, business, aesthetic and interactive environment. New habits of the city's new rural population are not suited or contrary to the city's civilization, which are normal and natural. However, in the face of the problems that a large number of rural population flow into the city of practical, government departments should be active to be more responsible to support them to quick follow the modern civilization, so as to better live in the city and promote the development of urban civilization.

"Recommend that the Office of the Construction of the Spiritual Civilization of Shaanxi Province, working with sub-district administrative office, the community and real estate developers, shall be responsible for implementing the specific requirements, conducting the courses for them, providing the relevant knowledge of the brochure, guiding them to improve the quality as soon as possible, and living in the city as the owner”. Zhu Hong said.

The concept of Zhu Hong is that training can be divided into: urban life guide, the use of modern equipment, the use of modern norms etiquette and so on. It is of great significance to rapidly improve the quality of the new urban population in the city. It not only makes the rural population both feel the material life changed but also feel the mental outlook changed, which increase the happiness index after the migration into the city, in turn to maintain and promote the city civilization. should this problem not be effectively paid attention, it would virtually separate the sense of trust between urban and rural people, affect the social harmony, and will also dampen the enthusiasm of the rural population into the city.

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