Zhao Dashan, Member of Shaanxi Provincial CPPCC Proposed Increasing Investment in Training of Pediatricians

2017-03-20 13:53:46 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Zhao Dashan, member of the CPPCC in Shaanxi Province: increase the training of pediatricians.

Each winter, pediatrics will no suspense become the "hardest hit" in major hospitals, especially with the "two-child" policy liberalization. With the increasing children's population, pediatricians will be in more scarce need. Shaanxi Provincial CPPCC members and the provincial calligrapher association vice chairman Zhao Dashan suggested to increase the training of pediatricians and provide some possible benefits to the related policy and salary to meet the need in the "two-child" era.

Zhao Dashan said that because most of the medical schools in the past did not set up a special pediatric department, the trained professional pediatrician is very limited. At the same time, the high-intensity, high-risk, and low-income also result in the serious loss of pediatricians.

Zhao Dashan called to attach importance to the status quo of the pediatric doctors, "At present, our country has encouraged medical institutions to strengthen the training of pediatric professionals, through relevant research and comprehensive analysis, plan to develop the number of pediatricians for one specific period and define the way and method of training."

"It is the most effective way to quickly alleviate the shortage of pediatricians," he said. "It is also advisable to raise the remuneration of pediatricians and get them to gain professional identity."

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