CPPCC Member Proposed Organizing the National Games Will Promote Half of Shaanxi People to Participate In Physical Exercises

2017-03-20 13:52:29 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Wu Changling thought that the National Games, held in Shaanxi in 2021, will be the new "excitement" of socio-economy during the "13th Five-Year Plan" in Shaanxi.

"The National Games, held in Shaanxi in 2021, will be the new "excitement" of socio-economy during "13th Five-Year Plan" in Shaanxi", The provincial CPPCC member & Xi'an Institute of Party committee secretary Wu Changling said in an interview. Last year, Shaanxi won the right to hold the 2021 National Games. For Wu Changling who has been worked in the sports for a long-term, it is a very exciting thing. At the same time, this is also the topic that they are most willing to talk about during the two sessions of Shaanxi Province, because Governor Lou Qinjian mentioned in the Government Work Report in 2016 to "fully start the preparations for the 14th National Games preparations."

Will promote half of Shaanxi people to participate in physical exercise

Wu Changling thought that the National Games is the event in highest level of domestic athletics, with the largest number of participants, the most significant and profound comprehensive games. Currently there is no one domestic sports that can be comparable with this National Games. The first 12 National Games have been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Shenyang. After the National games in 2017 in Tianjin, Shaanxi will be the 8th province to hold this games, also the first in the central and western provinces. "During the National Games in 2021, people all over the country will come to Shaanxi to watch the games, and the number of tourists will be more than one million. Domestic and foreign major media will focus on Shaanxi, which is a propaganda opportunity for Shaanxi on its rapid economic development achievements after the 40-year reform and opening-up. "

In addition, Wu Changling thought that the hosting of the National Games will have a great boost to achieve a large leap of mass sports in Shaanxi Province. He took 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and Zhangjiakou as the example, which proposes the vision "to promote 300 million people to be involved in winter sport", Shaanxi should also have a similar plan, and then put forward a plan called "37-50", that is, by hosting the National Games to promote 50% of the province's 37 million people to often participate in physical exercise, so as to promote the national fitness really to be part of the daily life of ordinary people.

The surrounding satellite towns will be created due to nearly 100 venues

Prior to this, the only large-scale competition held in Shaanxi was the fourth city games, held in 1999. And now the vast majority of sports venues in Xi'an were built for this tournament, and now has become the perfect place to promote national fitness and develop sports Industry. In Wu Changling’s view, after renovation and expansion, these venues will play the important role in 2021 Shaanxi National Games.

But the specifications of National Games are much higher than the city Games, in recent years, especially in Xi'an, the sports facilities are far behind the pace of urban construction. According to the experience of the National Games held in Shandong and Liaoning, Wu Changling speculated that the National Games in Shaanxi in 2021 will need nearly 100 kinds of competition training venues, in addition to renovation of the old stadium, and still need to build a new batch of new venues. "The main stadium, I suggest, to be built near the intersection of the Weihe River shore, as the basis to build the cultural industry park, making it as the new landmark in Xi'an and even Shaanxi. At the same time, he proposed to plan and construct the "second main stadium" in the Chang’an District and undertake some emerging fashion projects, which are conducive for comprehensive utilization after the game and the popularization among the people.”

In these two areas, "Weihe River shore at the intersection of Xi'an and Xianyang" and "Changan District planning and constructing the 'second main stadium' ", the current level of development is not very high, but Wu Changling thought the construction of the National Games will drive this piece of regional urbanization development. "Guangzhou Asian Games and Nanjing National Games has promoted the satellite cities surrounding the city.

But Wu Changling also admitted that the usage issue of large-scale sports competition venues after the game has been a worldwide problem. In order to improve the utilization of the venue after the game, at the beginning of the planning and construction venues, the relevant departments must take it into consideration with scientific proof. After the Sydney Olympics, some venues had to be demolished because the maintenance costs were too high. The Athens Olympic Games learned from this lesson, and transform and reuse the venue facilities, for example, the airport has been transformed into a baseball field and softball field, and transformed the aircraft library into a basketball hall and fencing hall. Shaanxi shall learn from these practices.

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